Artemis Fowl Movie – Finally?

I’m simultaneously super excited and a bit scared about the news that Artemis Fowl is finally going to have his own movie.

The books by Eoin Colfer were a huge part of my childhood – I picked up the first book in my school’s library when I was ten. I then went on to read (almost) the entire series over the years. While I haven’t finished the series and am honestly not sure if I ever will, I did grow up with Artemis, Captain Holly Short and Mulch the dwarf. I got really upset at Commander Julius Root’s murder in the second book – I think that was probably the first time I read a book where a character was killed in front of the reader – and I still remember where I was when I read that part (The Red Lion Pub in Ashington if you were interested.)

While I’m now a few months shy of turning twenty-two, if or when the movie is released I will be in that cinema audience. When I was younger I had no real idea how books are turned into movies so frequently or what they had to have to be turned into a movie, I just read the books and enjoyed them. Nowadays there seems to be always talk of which books should have film adaptations and who should play which character. To have one of my childhood series maybe finally having a movie is something I never really imagined. Although I remember a friend from college saying that a young Tom Felton would have been the perfect casting choice for Artemis and I’d have to agree.

Now Harvey Weinstein is planning to work with Disney to get Artemis Fowl onto the big screen – that’s an interesting partnership considering their history but I’m sure it’s all water under the bridge. It’ll be interesting to see how closely Disney keeps to the book. I’m mainly thinking about the characters of Butler and Mulch, Butler is quite violent while Mulch is often rude and I’m not sure how that will translate into a “Disney family movie.”

I guess we shall have to wait and see but no matter what, I will be seeing the Artemis Fowl movie in the cinema.

Film info from Variety.


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