Re: Crazy About One Direction – How fans reacts to their idols

I watched the Crazy About One Direction documentary on Channel 4 last night and it simultaneously amazed me and left me a little speechless. (Obviously now I’m over the being speechless part.) It also made me think. While I do not believe that all One Direction fans are like the girls in the documentary I do believe that in any fan base there are extremes, so those girls do show a portion of One Directions fan base however big or small.

Listening to how some of the girls would react if they ever met the members of One Direction made me think about my attitude to “famous people.” I haven’t met many famous people at all but I’d like to think if I met Hugh Jackman, for instance, who was my first crush (besides Declan Donnelly) who plays one of my favourite characters I’d like to not come across as crazy and obsessive as those girls on Crazy About One Direction.

My only instance of meeting a famous person was when I met Dexter Fletcher at an advance screening of Welcome to the Punch. (Jason Flemyng also happened to be there but Dexter Fletcher was the focus of my attentions.) I was with my friend Amanda and she had to deal with me going on about how much I love Dexter Fletcher’s film and TV work (I think my love of secondary characters is down to Dexter Fletcher to be honest) when I saw him in the audience before the film started. Poor Amanda didn’t know who he was so she probably got bored very quickly. When it was time to leave the cinema screen we went to leave by the same exit as Dexter Fletcher and Jason Flemyng. They were talking I’d never thought I was one to get star struck but I was. I admit that I was just staring at him like a creepy person until Amanda jumped in and said “Dexter Fletcher, my friend wants to say hi.” (She’s awesome!) And FYI Dexter Fletcher is really nice. He shook my hand and asked my name and talked about the film a bit (I said I thought it was great) and then asked if I was into films then so I said I was currently in my final year at University studying film and I wanted to be a Unit Publicist. Jason Flemyng had been listening too and he said they always need Unit Publicist’s and they both wished me luck and I was internally freaking out.

The key word in that above sentence is “internally.” I believe I came across quite well (at least Amanda said I didn’t seem too weird.) I do know that afterwards I had a huge smile on my face and a spring in my step.

As someone who one day hopes to be working in the film industry, I think in the back of my mind I’m thinking “maybe one day I might be working with/for this person so I really don’t want to give them a bad impression.”

In my mind a famous person is just the same as anyone else – they just might be a little more talented in sports or music or acting. They might even be considered luckier as for every famous actor there’s a struggling actor-cum-waiter. Famous people are still people and if someone came up to me and started screaming in my face I’m pretty sure I’d want to take a step back from then rather than talk to them. So to have that every day, everywhere you go – I can’t really imagine what that would be like.

So in conclusion to this rather long blog, I think we can be as crazy and obsessive and appreciative of a celebrity as we like in front of a computer screen but when we’re in the public in front of the celebrity of our dreams, we must remember that they are human and that you wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of them. Like I said they are human and humans love laughing at others – and I for one would hate to be laughed at by Hugh Jackman.

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