My New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions. We all make them. Some are specific, some are more general but everyone has some idea of what they want to do or improve on in the coming year. But how often do you keep them?

I for one have had “Stop biting my finger nails” as one of my resolutions since I was in single digits ages-wise. Funnily enough that is once again on my list but I do not hold out much hope for it happening. Then again, every year is different – who knows what will happen?!

So let’s get to it. My resolutions/general goals for 2014 are as follows:

–          Stop biting my finger nails. (Well I’ve got to have it there for traditions sake if nothing else!)

–          Go to a different country – now this is usually easy for me as my father lives in Spain so I tend to visit him for a few weeks every summer. This year, however, I will be theoretically working on my dissertation that’s due in September so may not be able to take the time off for a visit but still want to go somewhere that’s not England.

–          Visit friends who live in different cities around the country. More importantly one friend in particular who lives in Nottingham.

–          Go to a film festival. Whether it’s a long weekend in Scotland for Edinburgh International Film Festival or go see a few films at the BFI London Film Festival or somewhere I’ve never been before, I wanna make time for my greatest passion – films. Speaking of films…

–          I want to watch all of the films nominated for Oscars in 2014. Or at least all those in the four acting categories, director and best film. Every year when award season comes around I’ve never watched everything in a category, sometimes not even watched even half, so I don’t feel like I can make a judgement (other than being affronted that talent/films I love and respect didn’t get nominated) So watch as many Oscar nominations as possible! (I know the Oscars is all relative and is largely based on who can get the best publicity and sometimes it’s even “sorry we didn’t give you the award last year, have it this year instead even though there’s more deserving people in your category this year” but I like this challenge, it’s more doable that watching 365 films in a year – yes, I was considering doing that.)

–          Read at least 12 books for pleasure. That’s one a month, something that’s perfectly doable even including job hunting, working, Uni work and whatever else 2014 throws at me.

–          Spend some time at a job/internship that I enjoy and will help me in my chosen career path. There are a few places I’ve found already that I want to apply to, now it’s just a case of biting the bullet and going for it.

–          Make my LinkedIn actually worthwhile. I have it but really am not sure how to use it and make the most of myself and the system – that definitely needs to change if it’s supposed to help me get a job.

–          Blog at least once a week. This one I definitely want to keep, so to start me off I shall be…..

–          Blogging everyday of January! Perhaps after that I’ll find I want to continue everyday but putting my thought’s onto paper can take a while (I do like to ramble) and no doubt by the end of January responsibilities and Uni stress will be banging down the door.

So there we have it, my 10 New Year’s resolutions/goals for 2014. Note there’s no variation of “Go to the gym/get fit” I am far too lazy for that. While it would probably be nice to be a bit fitter (I’m generally quite alright with how my body looks) I am lazy and would much rather spend the two hours in the gym, in the cinema. Plus, I’d have to go buying sports clothes – I don’t even own a pair of trainers that aren’t converse and even I know attempting exercise in them isn’t the best idea. Also I’m about as likely to succeed with “keeping fit” as “stop biting my finger nails” and I’d really like only one resolution that I’m 99.99% sure I’ll fail on this list.


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