We all do it. I for one am doing it now by writing this blog post. But why do we do it?!

This afternoon for instance, today I’ve moved back to Uni, my mum had left by 2pm so I was thinking to myself “Right, I just need to have a final read through of this essay, maybe edit it a bit (won’t take longer than an hour) then print it off ready to hand in tomorrow. Then I’ll have the whole afternoon and evening to chill out and read or watch a film.” What did I do? I ended up napping for two hours and then mucked around on the internet for almost an hour. While I do think that nap was needed and I feel a lot better for it, why did I not just get on with finishing off my essay first?!

I often despair when I realise I’ve wasted pretty much a whole day just googling random things, going from link to link on Wikipedia or have spent the whole day on a variety of social media sites. This is why I often use this software to block certain websites for a few days when I know I’m supposed to be using the internet to further my education and not for fun and really need to get on with my work. That application has truly been a life saver, but why do I need an application? Why am I not self-motivated enough to just leave twitter alone for an hour and do some work? I suppose my mind likes to wander, especially if what I’m supposed to be doing is boring me. For instance, I’ve been working on this essay for over three weeks now and just really want to get rid of it and never read about the Leveson Inquiry ever again – but in order to get rid of it, I need to spend this final hour just having a read through and edit it. I still don’t want to spend that hour on this piece of work though. I think I tend to procrastinate more when whatever I’m working on is nearly finished, which is just madness as you’d obviously think if it was that close to being finished I’d just bite the bullet and get the stupid thing done!

I guess when we’re just not that enthused about a subject, anything will seem more interesting and worthwhile. I have found ways to make me procrastinate less, for instance when I really need to start researching or writing an essay I go to my Uni’s library. I feel as if other students or the libarians will be judging me if they see me using social media so it makes me less likely to muck around. But really if I’m on my own in my room, it’s only a matter of time before I start watching cat videos if I’m not enjoying whatever I’m really supposed to be doing.

This whole situation reminds me of the preview for Aziz Ansari’s new stand up show. I think that I have never related to something as much as I do to this video.

Now I’m going to sit down and get on with finishing this essay… I hope…


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