Listen while you work.

I’m writing a 2,000 word essay at the moment – it’s about independent film marketing techniques if you were interested – and while writing I have been listening to a lot of music.

I know that different people work in different ways and whether or not you listen to music while working is often something people debate about. For a long time I was one of those people who needed dead silence to work but nowadays I’m almost the complete opposite.

When I’m reading I need quiet. Whether I’m reading an essay, an academic book or a novel I need quiet when reading. When it comes to writing though I do prefer as much noise as possible – it does have to be the right type of noise though! I do hate being able to hear other peoples conversations when I’m trying to work so sticking my headphones in and listening to some music definitely solves that problem.

I find that it’s only certain music I can scribble away to though. For instance, I’m really bad at writing with upbeat pop music with catchy lyrics playing as I find myself singing along instead of writing. I love listening to soundtracks – I’ve got a whole playlist composed of the music from such films as The Avengers, Lord of the Rings, X-Men: First Class, The Dark Knight and The Pirates of the Caribbean – because they have no lyrics I find it very easy to just write.

I do like listening to certain artists when writing though. I do love listening to Matt Cardle, Take That, Matchbox Twenty and Marianas Trench. I think part of it is, is the sound of their music – I’m not saying it’s all “Easy Listening” but I don’t feel as if I have to 100% pay attention to the lyrics to get the feel of the song. All of their music is great for just being background noise while I let my mind focus on the essay at hand. One of my absolute favourite artists to listen to when writing is El Canto Del Loco. They’re a Spanish band and I think one of the reasons that I write so well when listening to them is the fact that they sing in another language. As I’ve said before I have a basic understanding of Spanish and while I generally get a rough idea of what each song is about, there’s no way that I’m listening to the song as much as I would if the song was in English. It’s the perfect type of music to write to in my opinion.


    1. Yeah I have a playlist called “Kick-Ass Inspirational Songs” which has lots of feel good, motivational songs in it. I use it when I’m near the end of a task and just need the final push.

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