Waiting for films from America

Untitled6Living in the UK, generally all US film releases get here pretty quick. In the case of blockbusters we tend to get them the same day – or in the case of Marvel movies we seem to get them a week earlier than the US (not sure why that is but thank you Marvel!) In Oscar season, all the films nominated that were released November/December 2013 time in America are released from January- February here in the UK. That sort of time difference happens with most independent US films.

I’ve never really had the experience of being interested in a US film and not knowing when I might have the opportunity to see it – until recently that is.

It’s happened with two films now. The first is Fruitvale Station which went on the festival circuit in America and then had a limited release from January. Now some European countries like France, Sweden and Portugal are getting it from January so that obviously must mean it’s got a international distribution deal so why isn’t there a release date for the UK?

The second is a film called Better Living Through Chemistry which I had never heard of to last night when I stumbled across it’s poster. I’m mainly interested in it as it’s got some of my favourite actors and actresses in it – Sam Rockwell, Olivia Wilde and Michelle Monaghan. That’s got a release date of March 2014 for the US and no release date for anywhere else.

It is frustrating having to wait, but after studying the film industry for a few years I do get the semantics of it all. In short it’s all down to money and if the cost of showing a film in X amount of theatres will return a profit. I’m pretty sure that Fruitvale Station would return a profit, there are great reviews of it from America and many thought it could be up for an Oscar or two but its summer release date went against it. I know there are many less than legal means to obtain a film before it’s released in the cinema but I can never quite bring myself to do that. So I guess I shall have to wait however long and get bitter.



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