Gotta Keep Walking

Over the past three days I have had work which entails (amongst other things) giving a tour of my university campus to groups of young students. The age of these students varies with whichever school comes for the day – on Monday they were twelve years old, yesterday they were thirteen, and today they were fifteen.

I enjoy my job, even when the kids are a bit lively and sometimes ask silly questions it’s still a fun way to spend a few hours and I get paid for it.

The thing is the group of kids I had today and yesterday walked so slowly! When you give these tours you’ve got a certain time limit ranging from 45 minutes to an hour (depending how everything fits together) so in order to see everything you do need to walk at a fair speed. Or at least not dawdle far behind the person leading you.

I never thought I was that fast at walking but the past few days has made me think I am – or maybe I’m not considering the fact that those younger than me may be slower. Though that being said, the four twelve year olds I was with on Monday kept up with me perfectly so that disproves that theory.

I suppose the reason I wanted to write/rant about slow children is that it can affect not only my attitude (having to repeatedly stop and wait for them or ask them to hurry up is just draining and annoying) but it can affect their experience. The main point of them visiting the university is to see and learn about the different university facilities and to (hopefully) feel inspired to work hard and to one day go to university, maybe not mine but any university. If they’re lagging behind they might miss any information I need to give them and they may miss the opportunity to ask me any questions and to talk to me about university life as the day is really for them.

I do love my job – I suppose the only thing I’d ask for is if just sometimes the kids would keep with me and not fall miles behind.


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