Living in a Bubble

When I’m at university I often finding myself living in a bit of a bubble – I’m very much focused on my course and the reading and writing that comes with it and my various jobs around campus. Every now and then I realise that I have no real idea about what’s going on in “the real world”. I just don’t know if there’s been a natural disaster or a political crisis or even what’s going on in my own country whether that’s new policies or what any of the big news stories that are hitting the front page of the newspapers are.

I try and rectify this when I realise how long it’s been since I’ve watched or read the news – usually I realise when Have I Got News For You is on and I realise that I don’t get the jokes because I don’t know what’s been happening in my own country (that being said Have I Got News For You does actually inform me a little bit). I check out the BBC News website and I try and make it a habit to always have that page open when I’m on my laptop. I somehow always seem to know about a celebrity’s latest antics thanks to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, especially thanks to top trending hashtags. But really, no matter what the world’s media may think, a celebrity doing something incredibly stupid shouldn’t be the most important news story.

I think the main reason I don’t know what’s going on in “the real world” is that at University I don’t have a television – mainly because it would be another way for me to procrastinate. At home we always have the TV on for the six o’clock news so I see what’s happening near enough every day. And then there’s the newspapers my mum takes from work every day she’s in so I can flick through them and get to see what’s going on. At university I don’t buy newspapers – four days of the week out of seven I go nowhere near a shop that actually sells newspapers.

I just feel incredibly bad and selfish when I realise how much I don’t know about “the real world.” I’m a part of this world so I should really pay more of an interest in it.

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