Clariel & getting excited for a books release

Bh7JLrwCUAA7uIg.jpg largeIt’s been a while since I’ve been excited for a book to be released many, many months before the release date – mainly this is because I don’t really keep up with what’s coming out when. However, I follow author Garth Nix on twitter and a few days ago the US cover of Clariel was released along with a rough release date of October for the UK (yes!), US, Australia and New Zealand.

The UK cover may be slightly different but even if it’s not I don’t mind placing Clariel next to my copies of Sabriel, Lirael, and Abhorsen. I do have my fingers crossed for a nice simplistic cover like the ones in the original trilogy but I somehow doubt that since my books are the hardback first editions and since then I’ve seen various covers here in the UK, some quite similar to the US cover for Clariel.

I just love this series and I love that Clariel is a prequel. I say this because I always get a bit worried when an author, ten years later, decides to write another book in a series that ended pretty perfectly. I don’t want my love of the characters and the story to perhaps diminish with a sequel that doesn’t live up to the memory of the original books. So with Clariel being set many years before Sabriel begins it is a chance to explore the world of the Old Kingdom with new characters and not upsetting the old ones – good move Garth Nix!

I think when it comes to this series; I have a bit of nostalgic love for it. It’s weird but I can remember where I was when I started each book – or at least definitely Sabriel and Lirael. Story time! Sabriel was released in the UK in 2002, and I know it must have been in the summer as each summer I would fly to my dad’s in Spain for a holiday, and I distinctly remember picking up Sabriel in the WHSmith at Gatwick airport and starting it before we even got on the plane. I was 10. The same thing happened the following year with Lirael. I was 11 and got a little confused to start with when the story wasn’t following Sabriel but I soon got used to it and the part where Lireal is chased by the Stilken is one of the only times I’ve truly been heart-pumpingly scared when reading a book. At that time, age 11, that was the scariest thing I’d ever read, and even when I’ve reread it over the years that part still gives me the shivers. Even today when I’ve read crime novels, thrillers, and some spooky stuff too, when asked what book scared me the most, I always say Lireal and the Stilken. Age 12 and Abhorsen was released in the UK, if it followed the previous books release schedule I’m pretty sure I also bought it at Gatwick airport on my way to my dad’s but I can’t remember that as clearly.

I’ve reread the trilogy at least four times over the past ten years and I shall now spend the time from now till Clariel’s release in October debating whether I should reread the trilogy before getting my hands on Clariel, or read Clariel and then continue with the trilogy.

I want to thank Garth Nix for going back to the world of the Old Kingdom. It’s been a while since I’ve gone back to the world and to have something new to go back to is very exciting.

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