B is for: Review: Blitz (aka why I love this stupid movie)

BlDSC02336itz is about Brant (Jason Statham), a hard detective and his morally ambiguous counter-part Nash (Paddy Considine) trying to catch a serial killer (Aidan Gillen) who is targeting police officers.

In some ways it should be quite a generic movie. Statham is in the role of the detective that uses his fists rather than his words and who doesn’t pay attention to the rules. You’d think Considine’s character would be the good cop to Statham’s bad cop but really he is a morally ambiguous character, who may want to do what Brant does but doesn’t quite have the guts. That being said Blitz does what it does very well, interesting characters and great performances raise this film up from its typical B-Movie status.

As mentioned before Brant and Nash are interesting characters – they’re an odd couple in a way. Nash is gay and gets a lot of hassle from the other members of the police force but not from Brant – one or two homophobic comments at the start of their working relationship aside, Brandt has no problems with this and they work well as a team.

Aidan Gillen makes an amazing yet frightening villain. He really is crazy and you don’t quite know what he’s going to do next. How he plays against Statham and Considine is brilliant and perfect.

The side character of Falls (Zawe Ashton) a female police officer that Brandt looks out for is a great character. How she deals with being a potential target for the serial killer is great and she is very real and relatable.

Interesting characters coupled with great action sequences leads to a film that is far better than one might expect. It has a tense finale that fits the narrative well and a great soundtrack. I just really enjoy this film a lot – in a strange way it’s kind of a “comfort movie” for me – if you like Jason Statham, buddy cop dynamics and a fair bit of violence, definitely give Blitz a go.



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