G is for: Review: The Grey

The Grey is a film about survival; it’s a horrific thriller and is incredibly suspenseful. Liam Neeson is Ottway, a hunter whose job is to protect oil workers in Alaska from wolves. When his plane crashes, he and the seven other survivors must brave the snow and the wolves in order to find shelter.

The Grey was released in late 2011/early 2012 (depending on where you live) but I watched it for the first time on Sunday night on TV. I’m somewhat grateful for the adverts (first time that happened) as it gave me a moment to get my heart beat in check and to relax for a moment before being thrown straight back into the tension and surprises.

I can see why The Grey may have got some mixed reviews and reactions when it first came out. It was marketed as an action film with wolves and while there certainly was wolves and action scenes, it is more about the harsh reality of survival and hope. It can be read as a metaphor, with Ottway a lonely man wandering in the woods of depression, hunted by demons (or wolves).

The supporting characters don’t get a lot of character development but that’s understandable in such a fast-paced, tension filled film. They each have a defining characteristic such as kindness, brash and thoughtfulness and are easy to relate to.

The Grey is brilliantly filmed and the use of music (and lack thereof) adds to the tension throughout. It’s surprising and unflinchingly realistic in its portrayal of people desperate quest of survival. I would definitely recommend The Grey to anyone who likes tense, thrillers with its fair bit of action and gore.


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