I is for: Illegally Watching Films

As a film fan I don’t like watching films online illegally. Well I say that, I often find myself being OK with it in some cases but not in others.

Let me explain – nowadays you can find pretty decent copies of films online even when they’re still in the cinema (how people do this I have no idea) but I don’t like and refuse to watch a film online that is currently in the cinema. If I want to see it, and have the money to spare (which I do when it comes to films) I will go to the cinema to see it. At my local cinema there’s ways to have cheaper cinema trips – Orange Wednesday 2-4-1 codes, on Mondays you get 20% off with a club card, on Tuesdays all tickets cost just £5.50, and they sometimes even give you 2-4-1 tickets themselves that you have a month to use – and as someone who has gone to the cinema 17 times since the start of 2014, I’m definitely going to use that ticket within the month.

But saying that, I am one of the many people who have watched a film on YouTube (again how people manage to get a film on YouTube for an extended period of time I have no idea). The films that are on YouTube have been out for years, most of them are ten years old and most of the time it’s just the chance to revisit an old favourite. In the case of some of these films, they might not even be released on DVD if they are that old, or if they are they’re ridiculously expensive.

I’ve also watched the odd film on Viooz, but again these films I’ve watched are usually at least a couple of years old and are out on DVD.

Also, as someone who spends at least eight months of the year at University where they often block streaming and downloading sites, if I do watch a film online and enjoy it I am probably going to go and buy the DVD since there’s little chance I’ll be able to watch it again on that streaming site. Seriously, I’ve found a site that works, I come back within a week and it’s blocked – case in point, Viooz.

I say each to their own and I get that going to the cinema can be expensive but films are a passion of mine so I don’t mind spending the money on it. The one film I’m seriously considering watching online (a friend of mine has already downloaded it) is Snowpiercer (2013), while it now has a US release date in late June, there’s still no UK release date and if one doesn’t appear soon I may have to go against everything I just said because I really really want to see that film. We shall see what happens…



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