J is for: Jason Statham

I like Jason Statham quite a bit, or at least I like his type of movies. I think he makes good film choices and I do love to see a film where you can tell that the person doing the action/fight scenes are really that person and not a stunt double. (As seen by my love of Banlieue 13)

I am far and away more of an action girl than a rom-com girl, and Jason Statham happened to be in some of my favourite action movies. So without further ado here are my favourite films featuring Mr Jason Statham.

Blitz (2011)
As I’ve said before, I think this might be my favourite Statham movie. Statham’s a detective on the trail of a cop killer and is partnered with Paddy Considine’s Nash and together they make one of my favourite duos. It isn’t necessarily good cop-bad cop. Considine is morally ambiguous, and while Statham doesn’t always follow the rules he does the wrong things for the right reasons.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)
It’s just such a quotable movie and has some amazing characters. I love that this was Statham’s first film, showing he can act and not just be great at punching someone in the face. I do think Guy Ritchie brings out the best in people and I also loved Statham in Snatch (2000)

Cellular (2004)
This is one of the only films I’ve seen of Jason Statham where he is an out and out bad guy and it is fantastic. It’s a little farfetched but also a clever thriller. Plus there’s Chris Evans running around all confused which is always fun to watch.

The Transporter (2002)
The stunts in this film (and the sequels) are amazing. Yes they get more and more extravagant and are a bit ridiculous but the set pieces and stunts more than make up for it. I just love this morally-ambiguous type of character for Jason Statham

The Expendables (2010)
The Expendables is a movie chock-full of testosterone and ridiculousness but I love it anyway. The films get more and more ridiculous and I like the banter between all the stars, but especially Statham’s Lee Christmas and Sylvester Stallone’s Barney Ross.

Chaos (2005)
This film surprised me. You can say all Jason Statham films are roughly the same and predictable (which is fair enough) but this one didn’t go the usual route. It also has Wesley Snipes in it which is always a plus for me.


Also you know a guy who survives a trip into the Baltic inside a truck is pretty damn awesome.



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