N is for: Names

We all have a name, whether it’s the one our parents gave us or one we chose ourselves and there’s a lot of pressure with a name.

I don’t look forward to the potential future of me naming a future child because while I might be able to say what my favourite names are for my hypothetical children, there will be the father in this scenario who will no doubt have his own ideas about names. What if this hypothetical father of my hypothetical children doesn’t like the names I do?!

Currently (because no doubt it’ll change if/when I do have children) my favourite names are Evelyn and Logan. Evelyn comes from two places. The first is that it was my grandfather’s sister’s name. The second is because Evelyn Carnahan from The Mummy and The Mummy Returns is one of my favourite fictional characters ever. Logan comes from X-Men, it’s Wolverine’s real name, and Logan is another one of my favourite characters.

There’s probably a bit of a stigma about naming your possible future children after fictional characters but considering one of my friends wants two boys and to call them Wolverine and Bartholomew – I’m thinking Logan and Evelyn won’t get picked on too much. Plus I’m not planning to have these hypothetical children till probably 10 years in the future so The Mummy and the X-Men movies probably won’t be so popular (I may be wrong about X-Men movies – they’ll probably never die)

I think when naming children you’ve just got to choose something that you wouldn’t mind being called yourself and, because kids are mean, something that won’t be an easy target for bullies.



  1. Those are beautiful names! Mine were Faith-Ann May and Noah-James. I know they are hyphenated but I love them! No hypothetical here though, no babies here is probably more accurate. 🙂

    1. Those are lovely names. I went through a time of loving hyphenated names – I think I like it when you can shorten a name like Amy-Jo to AJ. I seem to like being able to shorten my hypothetical childrens names which is weird since I hate people shortening mine…

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