O is for: Orange is the New Black & other TV Shows I want to try

I’m notoriously bad at keeping up with TV shows. I think a part of it is that at University I don’t have a TV so must remember to find a streaming/download link for the show each week. This is especially a problem when it’s a TV Show that’s not currently on UK TV on BBC, ITV or Channel 4 because at least those have catch-up websites. Plus, it’s a lot of time to commit to a show, especially if it’s on season 6 and each season has twenty-odd episodes – I’m not sure if I’m ready for that sort of commitment.

So here are some TV shows that I’d love to try but I’m not sure if/when I’ll get around to it.

Orange is the New Black
It probably doesn’t help that I don’t have Netflix so that generally puts a stopper on that. That being said it’s a female-led show! I love stuff that’s got more women to men ratio whether that’s films, TV shows or books. If/when I get Netflix this will definitely be the top of my to-watch list. I should probably watch more of the films/TV shows I already own before investing in Netflix…

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
If there’s any show that I’m probably going to try in the relatively near future, it’s this one. American humour can sometimes be a bit hit or miss for a Brit like me but from the excerpts I’ve seen it looks good and it’s got a diverse mix of characters.

Arrested Development
This is just referenced by other shows and by my friends so I end up feeling left out. It’s humour looks as if it’s on the mad/ridiculous end of the scale and I’m always one for ridiculousness.

The Hour
This show got cancelled – rather unfairly if you ask some of my friends – but I’d still like to watch it. I think because I know there’s X amount of series and episodes then I’m more likely to watch it because I know exactly how much time I need to commit.

The Wire
Not going to lie, I mainly want to watch this show for Idris Elba. I loved Luther and have been told that The Wire is even better. Oh, why didn’t I think about watching it when I lived with a guy who had all the box sets?!

I do have the complete series on blu-ray (because that was actually cheaper than DVD) but I have yet to watch it. I know it’s only about 14 episodes so maybe when I’m not so busy I’ll just marathon it.

I like superhero movies so I’m sure a superhero TV show would be just my sort of thing. DC seems to be taking over the TV schedules with their various comic adaptions so I’m intrigued about if they will end up all connecting.

I shall admit when it was announced that there was going to be an adaption of Sherlock Holmes in New York and with a female Watson I was a bit dubious. But, I have heard nothing but good things from my friends so I want to give it a go.

White Collar
Now I have seen the first three seasons of this show (and loved them) but since it’s not been on UK TV since and I watch it with my mum so don’t really want to leave her behind by watching it online, I haven’t seen any more than that. Really some UK TV channel needs to get it please, or at least sell the DVD’s.

Being Human (UK)
This is another one that’s definitely ended so I know exactly how many series and episodes I’ve got to watch. I like supernatural stuff so you’d think this would’ve been the sort of thing I’d have watched when it was actually on TV.


      1. Awesome! It’s a fairly quick series to get through and once you watch the companion movie, “Serenity,” you’ll be left wanting more.

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