Q is for: Quarterly

Quarterly is a service which works with various companies, celebrities and internet personalities, to send out boxes containing things that relate to that companies or person ideals. As the name suggests, the box is sent out quarterly, so every three months, you can sign up and cancel the service anytime which I think is great as I hate to be subscribed to something for X amount of time and then there becomes a time when you may not be able to afford it anymore.

The company I signed up with was Book Riot and as their name suggested they send out books and other book related things. I heard about Book Riot and Quarterly via booktuber Bookables. While it is an American company Quarterly does send its boxes internationally – it just takes a week longer which is perfectly understandable.

My box arrived last month and here’s what was in it:


I’ve read a bit of one of the books, Judging a Book by Its Lover – Lauren Leto which is a fun read as it gives you the basic information you need about various favourite authors so you know enough to seem as if you’ve read their work. The magnet will most definitely be residing on my fridge when I’m home and I’ve started to read some of the short stories by Jacob Tomsky that are on the memory stick.

I have to say I was very impressed that the mug arrived fully intact. It travelled all the way from California to London so well done the Quarterly packaging team. Great job!

It’s definitely an eclectic mix of stuff and I’m signed up to see what my box in June will contain. Cost-wise, for me as someone in the UK, its $50 for the box and then $30 for postage – that works out to about £45 which for what you get I don’t think is too bad. Plus it’s just £45 every three months and I know that if/when there comes a time where I can’t afford the luxury of a Quarterly box I can easily unsubscribe.

I’d definitely recommend Quarterly and their curators to anyone that would like something a little different to arrive in the post.


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