U is for: University

I am over half way through my fourth year at University. I studied a BA in English and Film for three years and then (after probably getting disheartened too quickly about the lack of replies to the many job/internship/grad scheme applications I sent off) I returned to the same university to do a MA in Media and Public Relations. Like I said, part of my reason for doing the MA was because the job thing wasn’t happening as quickly as I expected, the other was because I wanted to continue learning and make myself more “employable.”

But what does “employable” mean? Yes university has given me a degree (and hopefully in December I’ll be graduating with another one) but it has given me a whole host of other experiences and skills that I wouldn’t trade – not even if trading meant that my many loans would be paid off like that *snaps fingers* I’ve learnt to manage money, learnt how to deal with stress, I’m a better public speaker and I’m generally more confident and outgoing.

Because the thing about University is that it helps you grow as a person. You’ve got to be responsible for yourself, got to learn how to cook (I’m still not a great cook), got to do your own washing (I still have never used an iron) and generally learn how to manage your time between academic stuff and socialising.

You meet new people all the time at Uni, some you stay friends for the entirety of university and beyond, others you may only be friends with for the year you live with them – but that’s OK.

Everyone has different experiences at University, some may love it while some may hate it, and that’s OK – we can’t all be the same. I’ve really enjoyed my time at University and while I am a bit nervous about working on a 15,000 word dissertation over summer I’ll be sad to leave. I’ve met some of my best friends at Uni and for that alone I wouldn’t change a thing.


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