New Laptop – New Name?

Today I got a new laptop. It’s a HP one and that’s about all I know about it technical-wise. The most important thing (obviously) is that it is blue.

So with a new laptop comes a new name. I have the habit of naming certain technical devices. My car is called Diesel Monster – due to it running on diesel and making a lot of noise – and my Kindle is called Kelvin.

My new laptop is my third laptop and so far I’ve always ended up naming my laptops. I got my first for my sixteenth birthday – it was silver and huge (as laptops were six years ago) and I had it for three years. By the time I got a new laptop I’d christened my first one Ralph – after Ralph from The Simpsons since it was being so slow and awkward and only did the right thing when it wanted to.

My second one was red and at the time it was in the height of the 2012 Euros – I support Spain NT so the obvious choice for a name was Sergio after the one and only Sergio Ramos.

Now I have my brand new navy blue laptop and since I’ve named my previous two, I really feel like Ii should name this one. So names. My first thought was Cap after Captain America since it’s quite like the colour of his uniform in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Thinking of other things that blue I thought of Manchester City (I don’t support the team but some of my favourite players play for them) so there’s also David Silva and Jesus Navas as possible names.

It may take me a while to figure out a name that suits it – I know that sounds a bit weird but I think names have to feel right, even for a piece of technology.

I hope I’m not the only one who names random pieces of technology but it just sometimes works out like that…


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