Writer’s Block

I’m not trying to write a novel or anything, I’m just trying to write my weekly blog post, but still I seem to have writer’s block. I suppose that’s the thing with a weekly blog post with no real rules, I can write about whatever I want but what if there’s nothing that’s caught my eye and really makes me want to write.

This past week the World Cup has kind of taken over my life (don’t mention Spain or David Villa’s last match – I may cry) and I’ve been watching more matches than usual, especially since I don’t usually watch many of the group stage matches. So watching a lot of football at weird times has cocked up my sleeping pattern a bit, so when I’m not sleeping I have been either working with kids aged between 10-17 or I have been in the library working on my dissertation. Luckily I haven’t gotten writer’s block when it comes to my dissertation.

So I could not bother and post nothing on my blog today, but I said that I’d blog every Thursday (I even put it in the About Me section) and I try to keep to what I say. So today’s blog is going to be a rambling strain of consciousness by the looks of things.

Over the past week I have got a new phone – that was a fun 24 hours. I was able to make calls and send texts from my shiny new iPhone (I have never had an iPhone and it feels weird and new) but if someone called or texted me they went to my old Blackberry. So for 24 hours I was carrying around two phones – I felt extra weird/like an idiot sine the two phones in question were a Blackberry and an iPhone – it was like carrying around to arch nemesis. Also this week I have finally decided what I’m going to read for fun when I’m not writing or researching my dissertation – The Giver by Lois Lowry, I’m only a few chapters in and I already quite like it.

The next week seems as if it’s going to be much of the same. Watching World Cup matches (I am now rooting for Germany because of my friend Sam), watching Wimbledon matches (come on Nadal and Federer!), working and spending a lot of time in the library writing the dissertation. Hopefully I’ll also be reading for fun and watching many films in between all that as well.

Let’s hope that in the next week something will have caught my eye and I can write a “proper” blog post next Thursday…


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