REVIEW: The Giver – Lois Lowry

photo (5)Jonas lives in a community where there is no war, no hunger, and no suffering of any sort. But when he is chosen to be the Receiver of Memory he is discovers that his world may be built on lies and secrets, lies and secrets that he will have to decide whether he can live with.

I ended up getting The Giver purely to top up my Amazon order so I’d get free shipping. It had been on my wish list for a while and wasn’t too expensive so that’s how it ended up in my possession. I then chose to read it next since it was so short – only 224 pages – and I did indeed read it in a matter of days.

I really liked how The Giver was written. It often has very short, simple sentences (which makes sense as really it is more of a children’s book than YA) but the simple language and sentences makes the story quite eerie and unsettling. That perfectly suits this utopian society that really does seem too good to be true and I loved how it was slowly revealed that the community wasn’t what it appeared to Jonas.

I liked Jonas and his relationship with the Giver of Memory – it was quite like a grandfather/grandchild relationship which I haven’t read for a while. Jonas was great as he learns more about the world and becomes conflicted about it as he learns to see the world how it’s meant to be.

The Giver is about emotions, it’s about having the right to have the ability to make decisions and choices for yourself, it’s about relationships and the importance of knowledge and history. I really thing the important elements of the book can be summed up with the dedication at the beginning – “For all the children to whom we entrust the future.”

There was so much about this book I liked but I feel that I can’t really talk about it for fear of spoiling it. When certain things were revealed it changed how I read the story and how I saw things that I’d already read. If you’ve seen the second film trailer for The Giver then you’ll know what I mean but if you haven’t watched the trailer I’d definitely say to read the book first without any prior knowledge.

There are sequels to The Giver that I may pick up at some point but I don’t feel as if I have to read them now since I really liked the way The Giver ended.

So to wrap up this review (though I don’t think I’ve really said that much about it really) I give The Giver 5/5


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