REVIEW: Love Is Strange

love-is-strange-posterSoon after Ben (John Lithgow) and George (Alfred Molina) get married, George is fired from his job. They are forced to stay with friends and family separately while they sell their flat and look for a cheaper place. The situation weighs heavily on all involved as Ben stays with his nephew and his family and George moves in with friends who are cops.

John Lithgow and Alfred Molina both give brilliant performances as a couple who have been together for decades and love each other very much. It’s the mundane things that make their relationship so believable and relatable – and that’s the sign of a great script. It’s the small moments between Ben and George that help show how the small mundane things in life can be some of the best. All the characters were very relatable in their actions but that doesn’t mean they were always likeable.

The camera work was interesting as it was often very intimate. There was odd shots where if there were a group of people but one person had their back to the camera so it felt like you were eaves-dropping on the conversation. There were also moments when the camera lingered on a character or scene longer than you’d usually expect. Sometimes it worked well as you could appreciate and feel the emotions of the character but at other times it felt like the film was dragging. The music is also worth noting as it was often beautiful classical pieces that fit with the characters emotions and the scenes perfectly.

Love Is Strange is a beautiful film about love and friendship. The acting is brilliant and the script blends humour (there’s a lot of understated but great jokes) and drama wonderfully. 5/5


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