Being a “Grown Up”

I was up in London for my Masters Graduation ceremony on Thursday (hence no blog post) so now I’m officially no longer a student. I suppose while I have been interning at a Film PR company since November I am still technically unemployed. It is a weird feeling going from being a student to being an “adult” because in some ways it’s like you regress to being a child again.

I’ve moved home from Uni and as I’m out of the house from 7am-8pm during the week due to my commute to my internship in London all I’m doing during the week is sleep so I haven’t really had any of the child/parent problems some people have when they move home after being self-sufficient for so long.

That being said, while I am out all week “working” I do feel more of a child at home because when I get home at 8pm and my clothes are washed and my beds made (because my mum’s awesome) – it definitely means there’s less stuff for me to worry about during the week.

It’s weird but I actually miss cooking for myself (and I am not a fan of cooking at all) and just generally having home-cooked meals. I don’t want to cook and eat a proper meal late at night just an hour before I need to go to bed so I’m eating sandwiches and biscuits when I get home. Don’t worry Ii’m not starving myself, I do eat at lunchtime! I miss watching films a lot. When I was at University I’d watch a film at least three nights a week. Now by the time I get home I’m tired and can’t get the energy to watch and concentrate on a film I’ve not seen before.

I am reading more due to my two hour commute to London each way so that’s a plus. But I’m not able to write reviews about the books I’m reading as I don’t have as much time to blog and I miss that. I guess with everything I miss now I’m out of the house for 13 hours a day, it’s just a case of learning how to fit everything in and making sure I make time for the things I want to do.

It’s also harder to see friends as a lot of us have work or internships or placements now so finding a day and time that suits a group of you is nearly impossible. I’m meeting a group of friends tonight and it’s taken nearly two weeks to figure out what we’re doing and when we’re doing it. Also even on weekends I find myself busy, I have to go shopping for Birthday or Christmas presents, or I have plans with friends and family or I have what I call life-admin – that stuff that piles up like chores and sorting out your bank balance. So even on weekends it’s very rare to have a completely lazy day – I do miss my lazy days. But I know lazy days are something I’ve got to have less of if I want a job I love.

Commuting, working and juggling commitments and friends seems a very grown up thing to do but I don’t feel like an adult. I’m sure many people say they don’t feel like an adult and then you’re in your 40s and are married with kids and don’t have a clue at how that happened. It’s a part of growing up and while I’m super happy to have completed a Master’s degree and thoroughly enjoyed my time in education I don’t want to go back to studying. That being said I do miss the fact I could stay up till 2am on a Tuesday and then have an epic lie in the next day.

If or when I move to London I definitely won’t have such a long commute so I will have time to watch films and cook food and have more “me time”. But until I’m employed and have an income I’ll be living at home, having an epic commute and learning more about how to be an “adult” and juggling that work/life balance thing.


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