TRAILER REACTION: The Fantastic Four

88440The first teaser trailer for The Fantastic Four has been released and it certainly teases.

There’s been many rumours about the state of the films production and this has mainly come about due to the high-level of secrecy around the film. There’s been no official images until this week and the cast and crew hadn’t said much either. To keep a big-budget superhero film this quiet is quite an achievement and something to be admired in today’s internet and social media age. I’ll admit, I was one of those people who were a bit hesitant about The Fantastic Four because we were getting no information and what we were getting sounded a bit odd – like Dr Doom being a blogger. But I really liked this trailer.

It walks the fine line of dark and gritty without being too serious, it has emotive beats, and some cool shots of the action. Most of all it feels atmospheric, especially with the voiceover which I think must be by Reg E. Cathey. This teaser trailer reminded me a lot of the first few Interstellar trailers – especially with the voiceover talking about human nature and our future. Yes, some people may have wanted more big set pieces but this does the right amount of teasing in my opinion.

It is going to be very different to the previous Fantastic Four films (I kinda still like them even though everyone says they’re terrible) but that’s a good way to make this reboot stand out.

I was indifferent towards The Fantastic Four before this trailer. Even though I like the cast – Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan especially – and I liked Chronicle which was made by the same director, I just wasn’t sure what to expect so had no expectations. Now I am tentatively looking forward to this film. We shall see how it turns out when it’s released in August.

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