The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you very much to Lauren at Never Anyone Else for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. It was a big surprise and it was great boost as I’m evolving my blog more and more.

Here’s how the Versatile Blogger Award works:

1. Write seven facts about yourself.
2. Nominate fifteen other bloggers for the award.
3. Let nominees know you have tagged them. (Don’t forget to thank and link back to your nominator.)


Here are my 7 facts:

1. I am useless with keeping up with TV shows. I just stop watching them even when I like the show! For instance I watched all of season one of Orphan Black and then got about four episodes into season two and then just stopped and I don’t know why – I really need to catch up at some point.

2. My commute to work is ridiculously long – it’s about a 4 and a half hours round trip – but it does mean I’m reading a lot more than I used to which is great.

3. I go to the cinema at least once a week but I still miss out on seeing a lot of films that I want to see eg Whiplash which I have kind of given up on seeing in the cinema and am now just going to wait for the DVD.

4. My next cinema trips are Big Hero 6 tonight with my best friend from college and Jupiter Ascending tomorrow with my mum.

5. I recently learnt I’m slightly knock-kneed which could explain why I’m so accident prone and walk into a lot of things.

6. I actually love my hair. It’s short and curly and I can wash it and then leave it to dry naturally and it (often) looks great. It’s so easy to manage and I don’t miss having long hair at all – I got it all cut off when I was nearly 17.

7. I miss having a pet around the house. Our dog died over five years ago but in that time we’ve had family friends stay with pets and looked after cats and dogs while their owners are on holiday but its not the same as having your own animal in the house. But both me and my mum work and are out of the house a lot so it wouldn’t be fair on the animal.

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  1. Great post. 🙂
    I wanted to see Big Hero 6 at the theater, but I’ll have to wait for the dvd where I am. I just saw Jupiter Ascending yesterday – the visuals are stunning.

  2. How you are with television shows is how I am with reading a book. Sometimes I start it and am totally engrossed in it but after a pause of like a day, I don’t seek it urgently to read (and so it becomes a month-long+ affair).

    I cried of feels watching Big Hero 6–I hope you enjoy it (even though I had so many unanswered questions…the feels might be worth it haha).

    Thanks for nominating me!


    1. I used to be like that with books too but now I’m commuting during the week it’s like set reading time which is great.

      I loved Big Hero 6! It made me laugh and I teared up at the end – it was a very scooby-do kinda plot but Baymax more than made up for it.

      No problemo 🙂

    1. No problemo! 🙂
      Hhaha! Yes and this week there’s been even more – from last Saturday to today I have seen Big Hero 6, Jupiter Ascending, Kingsman: The Secret Service and Selma. I loved them all in different ways.

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