REVIEW: Thunderball (1965)

graphics2James Bond (Sean Connery) travels to the Bahamas on the hunt for two nuclear warheads after SPECTRE steals them to extort money out of the biggest countries in the world.

Thunderball starts off full of action with Bond fighting a widow (who is not who they seem) but then it slows down a bit to become more of a mystery which was certainly different. Unfortunately, it never really gets that sense of pace or action back again.

One of the biggest problems I had with Thunderball is the excess amount of characters. It was very hard to follow who was who, especially as so many of them kept being killed off. Having characters who are close to or associated with Bond die does add an extra layer of threat to Bond but at the same time because they aren’t around long you don’t have enough time to care about them.

There is a lot of underwater stuff in Thunderball which is great and makes it different to previous Bond films. There’s underwater fights and shootouts and the way there are filmed is pretty great – though a bit overlong.

Thunderball certainly isn’t a bad film per se but it isn’t a great Bond film. It doesn’t have the great pace that previous films have and the plot is quite bloated with characters that are not given enough to do before they are snuffed out. Thunderball‘s villain does feed people to sharks though so it gets points for that. 3/5


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