REVIEW: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969)

On-Her-Majestys-Secret-Service-1969-movie-George-Lazenby-Diana-RiggJames Bond (George Lazenby) goes undercover in the Swiss Alps to find out what Blofeld’s (Tell Sacalas) allergy research centre is really working on. Bond also manages to mix business with pleasure as he begins a relationship with Tracy (Diana Rigg), a mob boss’s daughter.

The story is pretty good, an allergy centre with a lot of attractive women there does sound a bit odd but amazingly it works. I liked the lead up to Bond arriving there with his investigation as to what was really going on and how he clashed with M (Bernard Lee) over his snooping. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is the first Bond film to feature a lot of snow, and the ski chase scenes were great and it also added some comedy moments.

I loved Tracy or Contessa Teresa as she is first introduced. She’s cool, independent, she can save herself & is the perfect love interest for Bond. She doesn’t take nay nonsense from her father Draco, a mob boss (Gabriele Ferzetti), who treats her like any of his other commodities to be bargained and dealt with and she stands up to Bond and also saves him from the bad guys.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is George Lazenby’s one and outing as James Bond and its very interesting because of that. He’s not terrible but he certainly lacks the charm and charisma you become used to in Bond thanks to Sean Connery’s portrayal. I liked the fact that one of the first things Bond says is “That never happened to the other guy” when Tracy stole his car. I kind of took it as a nod to the fact a new actor was playing this character and it works with my personal theory that in the films the name “James Bond” is like a code name and identity that is taken up by different agents.

It’s an entertaining film, with great ski sequences and the Bond girl steals the show. It’s not an amazing or classic Bond film but it’s not terrible either. 4/5.



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