REVIEW: Live and Let Die (1973)

Live-And-Let-Die-Poster-02James Bond (Roger Moore) must stop Kananga (Yaphet Kotto), a heroin dealer, who plans to get the whole of America hooked on drugs. This isn’t easy when he has a complex organisation and a psychic tarot card reader (Jane Seymour) who is very reliable.

First off, Live and Let Die has one of the best theme songs ever, Paul McCartney’s hard rocking song is brilliant and really suits the whole tone of the film. If you have somehow never heard the song go listen to it immediately.

Live or Let Die is Roger Moore’s first outing as Bond and he fits the shoes and the suit rather well. He’s charming and effortlessly funny (though I did miss Sean Connery’s “so done with this face” when something doesn’t go Bond’s way) the scene with the crocodiles is great fun, as is the opening scene with Bond, M (Bernard Lee) and Money Penny (Lois Maxwell).

Kananga is a great villain and I loved how he was so well connected and smart – definitely a worthy advisory for Bond. Also his henchman Tee Hee (Julius Harris) is an intimidating guy. He has a metal claw for a hand and always has a manically grin on his face – his interactions with Bond were some of my favourite.

I’ve got to mention the speedboat chase scene. Not only is it action-packed and it looks great but it is also surprisingly funny. It’s quite a long sequence by today’s standards but it is a sequence that just keeps on giving. Also the sequence at the airport is ridiculously fun too.

Basically Live and Let Die is stupidly fun and action-packed and a great first outing as Bond for Roger Moore. 5/5.


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