REVIEW: #scandal by Sarah Ockler

FullSizeRender (69)Lucy has liked Cole ever since she first met him but unfortunately she never said anything and he’s been dating her best friend Ellie for years. On Prom night, Ellie is sick so Lucy says she’ll do the BFF thing and go with Cole. Things unravel when at the after party she and Cole kiss and the picture ends up on her Facebook. And not just that picture, but loads of pictures from that night of her classmates doing stupid things, being drunk, kissing people they shouldn’t end up on her Facebook. Lucy has no idea how it happened but now her best friend hates her and she’s public enemy number one at school.

#scandal is a great look at how we and especially young people use social media, it also looks at bulling and the different kinds of bullying and how it affects people even when they try their hardest not to let it. I did love the bit with the principal talked about how on her Facebook everyone’s constantly posting photos and videos of their babies and children doing things – I can certainly relate to that.

Lucy is a bit of a frustrating character as she doesn’t seem to realise the gravity of the situation that someone has put her in. Also she doesn’t trust easily (something which I can understand) but when the vast majority of the school population hates you and there’s just a few people who are standing by you then you’ve got to have a little faith in them.

The relationship between Cole, Ellie and Lucy is frustrating at times because while Lucy has a lot of problems going on due to the photos on Facebook, the drama between her, her best friend and her best friend’s boyfriend could have been sorted out so quick and easily if they’d just communicate. Each of them had the moments where they could tell the truth and explain how they felt but they all kept messing it up. Miscommunication is one of my biggest pet peeves in novels and in life.

#scandal is a very fast-paced and quick read that’s got a fair few surprises (some I figured out and some I didn’t). There’s humour, romance, drama, some relatable characters and some annoying ones and it’s a very typical high school book with all the tropes you’d expect but they’re not boring. 4/5.


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