Tomorrow the A-Z Blogging Challenge Begins!

So tomorrow is the first day of the A-Z in April Blogging Challenge – you can find out more about the challenge and my theme (women and films) here. So thought I’d just quickly let you know if my normal blogging schedule would change at all.

In short, it probably will. I know I tend to post a film review on a Monday and a book review on a Thursday but that might not always happen this month due to the challenge. That being said, I do have some book reviews and reviews for my Bondathon already written so they will still go up at some point during the month. Also, I’m sure when I see Fast and Furious 7 and Avengers: Age of Ultron I won’t be able to contain myself so will have to write reviews/rambling thoughts on them. And there’s one Top Ten Tuesday that I’ll definitely be taking part in.

So basically the majority of the month of April will be filled with posts about women in film but there will probably still be the odd book/film review on the usual Mondays/Thursdays.

Hope you enjoy my posts on women in film and find out about some people you might never have heard of and we shall go back to your regular blogging schedule in May.

Now I need to finish my post for the letter A – don’t change your post idea the night before people! It causes unnecessary panic.



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