E is for Ellen Page

ellepageThe first film I saw Ellen Page in was X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) and while I do not love that film even though I’m a huge X-Men fan I thought she made a great Kitty Pryde. Unfortunately the next film I saw her in was Juno (2007) and I didn’t really like it that much and that put me off Ellen for a while which was a shame.

But since then I’ve seen Inception (2010) and The East (2013) and loved both films and her performances in them. I still need to see Hard Candy (2005) as I’ve heard nothing but good things about that film – a friend of mine said it’s tough to watch but also great.

But Ellen Page isn’t just a pretty great actress but she’s also a pretty awesome person. Her speech at the Human Rights Campaign’s inaugural Time to Thrive Conference last year was incredible. She was so brave and you can see in how her voice shakes that she was nervous about it all. It’s great when young people can see someone who is like them in the spotlight.


    1. Haha! Yeah I’m a self-confessed film addict. I don’t watch as many now I’m working but when I was at Uni I could easily watch five films a week. Just check out my various film lists if you don’t believe me! 😉

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