G is for Whoopi Goldberg

whoopigoldbergI grew up watching Whoopi Goldberg. Some of my mum’s favourite films (and so they became my favourites and a big part of my childhood) were Ghost (1990), Sister Act (1992) and its sequel Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993). I still love all those films and Whoopi Goldberg’s performances. I’ve seen them so many times I can quote the lines and I was so happy when I got older and learnt that she won an Oscar for her role in Ghost. I have The Color Purple (1985) on DVD and have been meaning to watch it since I read the book a few months ago but I haven’t got around to it yet – I’ve heard that Whoopi is brilliant in it.

How can you forget Whoopi Goldberg’s voice work as the hyena Shenzi in The Lion King?! I always liked the hyenas even though they were the “bad guys” and Shenzi was totally the boss and my favourite.

Whoopi Goldberg will forever be one of my favourite actresses because of the impact she had on my childhood. I love her comedic and dramatic balance in her film roles and if I ever need to smile I just watch any of her opening segments at the four different Oscars that she hosted!


    1. I end up watching Sister Act whenever it’s on TV – which is at least once a year! The sequel is a lot of fun! It’s got a lot of great songs and new characters as well as having the main original cast back again. I’d definitely say you should check it out if you liked Sister Act.

  1. I love the movie Ghost! I can’t believe I posted some ghost films today for G and completely forgot one of my faves. I have to fix that. Thanks for the reminder!

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