REVIEW: For Your Eyes Only (1981)

for-your-eyes-only-posterJames Bond (Roger Moore) is assigned to find a British encryption device that was lost at the bottom of the ocean before it falls into enemy hands.

Melina Havelock (Carole Bouqet) is the Bond girl this time round and she’s quite smart and an archaeologist and is certainly handy in a pinch with a cross-bow. She goes after the same people that Bond is tracking due to her parents being brutally murdered by a hired goon.

For Your Eyes Only is a lot more serious compared to the last few of Roger Moore’s outings as Bond which is quite a surprise – a nice surprise mind. There’s a lot more intrigue in this film as there’s two rival men, Milos Columbo (Topol) and Kristatos (Julian Glover) who each try and make Bond believe that the other is the one who is really the bad guy and working for the Russians.

In For Your Eyes Only there is once again another ski chase something that still looks pretty great but it’s a bit tedious when watching Moore’s Bond films so close to each other as it seems as if nearly all his Bond films features snow. There is a great sequence where Bond has to climb a rock face to a monastery that is incredibly tense and quite spectacular to see.

For Your Eyes Only flourishes because it’s so much grittier than previous Roger Moore films, with less gadgets and cars and a competent Bond Girl. 4/5.


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