U is for Uma Thurman

umathurmanNot going to lie, Uma Thurman was the only woman in film that I could think of whose name begins with “U”. Luckily I’ve seen a few of her films so I have some thoughts.

The Bride in the Kill Bill films might be Uma Thurman’s most famous role but I haven’t actually seen those films – can’t say I’m enamoured by Quentin Tarantino like a lot of other film fans are. I have seen Pulp Fiction (1994) though which is certainly a weird and funny film.

Uma Thurman has certainly been in a wide range of films, and a fair few of them haven’t been that great, for example The Avengers (1998) and Batman & Robin (1997). Apparently Gattaca (1997) walks the fine line between being terrible and wonderful – I’ve yet to see it but one friend of mine loves it completely unironically.

My favourite film of Uma Thurman’s is The Producers (2005) where she plays Ulla. The Producers is hilarious and everyone is brilliant in it. Ulla is a ditzy Swedish girl who wants to be a star and gets roped into the schemes of Max Bialystock (Nathan Lane) and Leo Bloom (Matthew Broderick).


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