Thoughts on the A-Z Blogging Challenge – 2015 Edition

That’s another April over and I’ve completed the A-Z challenge for the second year in a row! This year was much more focused as it was all about women in film and I did my best to include women of colour and the more “older woman”. You can see all my posts by clicking here.

My most popular ones were B is for Cate Blanchett (possibly due to a discussion on actresses, fashion and the sorts of questions they’re asked on the red carpet in the comments) and L is for Lexi Alexander. Lexi Alexander herself actually came across the post and shared it with her thousands of Twitter followers and was very positive about it. She now follows me on Twitter and we talk about women and diversity in the media and it’s great!

Only today I got some hits on my blog which I’m pretty sure came about after someone googled “What’s so great about Rinko Kikuchi” I hope my post shed some light on how awesome she is.

I did my best to visit lots of other blogs and the start of the month I did well. Maybe I couldn’t check out blogs during the week due to work but on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I did visit a lot. Unfortunately the later half of April was quite busy for me so I didn’t visit as many blogs then. I did always reply to people’s comments on my posts and go and check out people’s blogs who’d commented on or liked one of my posts and returned the favour.

I’ve really enjoyed the A-Z in April Challenge this year. Some days I was quickly writing and posting a blog before the clock struck midnight but everyday I posted a blog when I should.

How did the challenge go for you?


  1. Oh, how cool to have the actress herself pick up on your post!! What a wonderful side benefit of the Challenge and your theme! I do want to get back over here and read some more of them. I was so scattered around during the Challenge, I wasn’t able to follow but a couple of themes through solidly.

    Oh, I did have Montel Williams fav and retweet a tweet of mine last night!! It’s really kind of silly how honored we can feel by something like that. After all, like we say in Texas, they put their pants on one leg at a time too.

    Stopping in from Life & Faith in Caneyhead

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