The Monday Movie Meme is held by From Pages to Pictures each Monday and there’s different themes each week. I’ve been meaning to take part for quite a while but I kept forgetting but as today is a Bank Holiday I’ve finally got time to actually do this meme.

So without further ado, here’s my thoughts on Sports Movies.

MOV_02dd9806_bWhat’s your favourite sports comedy?
Well it’s got to be Cool Runnings (1993) hasn’t it? I grew up watching that film whenever it was on TV. It’s a comedy but it’s got a lot of heart. I can quote the vast majority of the film and will always watch it whenever it’s on TV, even if it’s half way through or only got 15 minutes left.

invictus_xlgWhat’s your favourite sports drama?
Invictus (2009). I love a true story and a true sports story that is also pretty inspirational is great. I love the tension in Invictus, both when it came to the rugby matches and the racial tensions in South Africa, and everyone gives a great performance. Definitely my favourite sports drama though The Blind Side (2009) comes a close second.

remember_the_titans_xlgWho is your favourite sports movie hero?
Got to be Coach Herman Boone (Denzel Washington) from Remember the Titans (2000). He’s truly an inspirational character to his team and brings people together and can be both tough but fair. I know he was also a real person but I don’t know much about him.
My other sporting hero – both in film and in real life is Niki Lauda. Daniel Brühl played him in Rush (2013) and I thought his performance was great and I generally love how Lauda persevered after suffer such a terrible accident and went on to become a F1 champion three times.

I’ve previously blogged about my top ten sports films so if you want more cool sports films to watch, go have a look.

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