REVIEW: Techbitch by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza

FullSizeRender (94)Imogen Tate arrives back to work after a period of sick leave at Glossy Magazine to find her former assistant Eve sitting at her desk – the desk for the editor of the magazine. A lots changed while Imogen’s been away and now her fashion magazine is being turned into an app. It’s a case of adapt or die for Imogen as she struggles to learn the new technobabble and deal with Eve who seems to have her own agenda.

Techbitch is a lot of fun. There’s some laugh out loud moments and some great secondary characters that often say exactly what you’re thinking. Ashley, Imogen’s assistant, was great for this and was generally a fun character. There are some cringey moments in Techbitch and some things happened which I expected there to repercussions for but then there wasn’t which was a surprise and a bit odd.

Eve really is a bitch. There’s a few sections of the book that are from her point of view which helped you understand her more and at some points you almost sympathise with her but there’s no excuse for the majority of her actions.

I found Techbitch fascinating because it’s a very realistic scenario. Print magazines and newspapers are an endangered species due to the Internet and smart phones and it’s quite easy to imagine people who are too set in their ways to try and adapt, ending up being forced out and replaced by younger more tech-savy people.

Imogen is a great lead character. She’s in her forties and has never really tried or bothered to learn the most basic of Internet skills – as someone in their twenties whose grown up with the evolution of technology and the Internet, Imogen’s complete lack of knowledge is surprising and frustrating. But Imogen is smart and resourceful and she adapts way more than both I and she ever thought she would. She’s a bit of an inspirational character in some ways as she has a husband, two kids and a job she loves and is successful in – the role model for any young woman who wants to be able to have it all.

Techbitch is classic chick-lit but that doesn’t make it bad, it’s funny with a great lead character and an interesting commentary on work in the digital age. 4/5.


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