BLOG TOUR – REVIEW: Becoming Death by Melissa Brown & Author’s Top Ten

This is the first time I’ve taken part in a blog tour (thanks Faye for setting it up) and today I have a review of the book in question followed by the Author’s Top Ten Places to get inspiration. So without further ado, on to the review!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00026]Madison Clark experienced death at a young age, her father died in an accident and her mother was never the same. She never realised how close death really was until she discovers her family’s dark secret – they’re grim reapers, shepherding souls from life to death. Madison soon finds herself back in school learning how to use her new powers and what they cost, and they can cost a lot. Especially when life (or is it death) throws her a curveball: her next victim is her best friend. Madison must find a way to overcome the strict guidelines of being a grim reaper in order to save his life.

Madision Clark is a great protagonist. She’s thrown into this world of immortality and death but still manages to juggle her everyday life of living with her best friend and struggling to find a normal job with being a grim reaper. She didn’t want to become a grim reaper, in fact she actually avoids reading the textbooks about how to be a grim reaper – which was kind of annoying as the reader because I wanted to know more about being a grim reaper!

The act of being a grim reaper was sometimes quite creepy while one particular death was so surprising that it was almost funny due to its craziness. That being said, one life Madison has to take was quite sad and heart-wrenching because it was such a young life. Black humour is a fine line to tread but Becoming Death managed it. The way Madison and the other grim reapers find out about their next targets are through a phone app which is definitely a fun and clever way to bring something so paranormal into the twenty-first century – it was touches like that that made Becoming Death a really fun read.

I actually liked all the characters which is something that rarely happens to me. I liked Madison’s family, who are all grim reapers including her grandmother who was often very funny. One of my favourite things in fiction and in real life is a strong support network of women and Madison has that with her family. I also liked her best friend Aaron and their relationship, although I do think things moved quite quickly between them. hat being said, it was nice not to have a long period of one character pining for another.

I’d love to see more of the world of the grim reapers, especially as I found the ending to Becoming Death a bit rushed. Everything is tied up pretty well but I wanted to know more about that world and see Madison juggle her responsibilities for longer. In fact a lot of the story elements I would have liked to seen to have more time to develop including the friendship and romance between Madison and Aaron, if anything what I’m saying is that while I enjoyed Becoming Death, I think it would have made a good series, or at least a duology.

That being said, Becoming Death is a fun, quick read with a great premise and hero. 3.5/5.

Now Author Melissa Brown shares her Top Ten Places To Find Inspiration:

1) The Library
2) Fan fiction sites
3) Book shops
4) Riding my Bike
5) Cafes
6) Airports
7) Buses / Trains
8) Museums
9) On holiday
10) Tumblr

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