Being Unemployed

I no longer have a job. On Friday I had my three month probation meeting and I learnt that they weren’t going to renew my contract. It was a surprise, and I did cry because I really wasn’t expecting that – I mean, I thought I was doing well at the job, I was still learning but I thought I was alright. I don’t have to work my weeks’ notice so I’m not going back to the office on Tuesday after the Bank Holiday weekend – it’s an odd feeling.

It is weird being unemployed. I never had the period of being an unemployed graduate. I finished and handed in my Masters dissertation at the end of September, then went to my Dad’s in Spain for two weeks. On my return I had a two week internship in one PR company as a part of their TV team, and then at the beginning of November I started at my now ex-job as an intern at a Film PR agency and over the months worked my up to different levels.

So it’s weird not being employed, but I still live at home with my mum so I’m lucky enough not to be in a position where I have bills to pay and responsibilities. I’m a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason” and all the other typical clichés so I’m going to make this work to my advantage.

My plan is to have September off as I’m going to San Francisco at the end of the month so there’s not much point job hunting, find somewhere and then maybe only work for a week before I need to take time off. Besides, I need to look after myself and get better – my five hour commute a day and early starts have been getting to me and I’ve had a cough for over a month – and there’s so many things I’ve been meaning to do (what I like to call life admin) but I’ve only ever had the weekend to do it in and there’s never enough time, especially if I have plans with friends or family.

I’m going to use September to be the unemployed graduate I never was. I’m going to rest, get better, watch a lot of films, hopefully not fall out of the reading habit since the time I used to read was on the train to and from London, and just get everything up straight. I will start doing a bit of job-hunting and update my CV, LinkedIn profile and all the jazz but I won’t start panicking until after I’m back from San Francisco in October.

I know I’m lucky to be in this position to take some time for me but in that time I’m going to figure out just exactly where my strengths and weaknesses lie and if Film PR is really the career path I want – at the moment it is, but I’m definitely up for looking at different avenues in the film industry.

So here’s to seeing what the next adventure will be.


    1. Thanks! I’m really very chilled about the whole thing now. Gonna take some me-time and then figure out exactly what I want to do, it will definitely be in the Film industry but maybe not quite in PR – we shall see 🙂

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