Why I love… Secret Avengers

Secret Avengers is one of my favourite comics in the year or so I’ve been reading them. I first picked it up because I knew the majority of the characters thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes TV show so figured it was a pretty good place to start in the vast world of Marvel comics. Also it has Hawkeye in it and I’ll pick up anything that features Hawkeye.

Secret Avengers Spencer and RossI haven’t read Ed Brubaker’s or Rick Remender’s story arcs yet. Instead I started with Nick Spencer and Luke Ross’s run, because that’s the one that featured the most characters I already knew about. I did find their run a bit confusing as the main story was to do with memory wipes and you never knew entirely what was going on but I liked be art and the relationships between various characters – especially Nick Fury and Phil Coulson’s friendship.

That story arc came to an end in the middle of last year and then the series was taken over by Ales Kot and Michael Walsh and now Secret Avengers is definitely my favourite comic book series.

Secret Avengers Vol. 1The Secret Avengers are now formed of Nick Fury, Phil Coulson, Black Widow, Spider-Woman, MODOK and Hawkeye and are led by Maria Hill. It is funny – actually it’s laugh-out-loud funny which I haven’t experienced from any book for ages – action-packed and once again it’s the relationships between the various characters that make it so great to me. There’s still secrets and lies like in Spencer and Ross’s run but it’s far less confusing and it’s more fun and less bleak. That being said, it still covers things like PTSD and characters are put in peril. I love the art style in Secret Avengers, it’s often bright and quirky and I love the character designs. I also love the captions as they are often so self-aware and fun.

I recently got the third volume of Secret Avengers and loved every second of it. I loved how all the threads came together and how all the characters worked together to save the day. Again Phil Coulson and Nick Fury’s friendship is great as is Natasha and Jessica’s (I hadn’t read anything with Jessica Drew in it before but I loved her in this) and Clint with everyone including Deadpool.

Kot and Walsh’s Secret Avengers run is definitely one of my favourite comics and I can see myself going back and rereading it over and over again. It is fun, the art and the colours are brilliant, the characters relationships and how they grow across the series are my favourite thing ever and the secondary characters like the Fury (no I don’t mean Nick Fury, the Fury is an alien creature) and Vladimir the sentient bomb are intriguing and fun too. Secret Avengers is a kick-ass series but also doesn’t lose sight of the characters and a good story with a lot of heart – seriously, Jessica and her empathy is so important!

As a side note as a big Clint Barton fan: I love what Secret Avengers does for him, he’s such a dumb loser but he plays that up so people don’t realise he is way smarter than he lets on and is a badass and can save the day.

If I could only recommend one Marvel comic series to newcommers to the world of comics, it would be Secret Avengers and more specifically Kot and Walsh’s run. It’s a great introduction to multiple characters and is just so much fun! What more can you want really?

You can read my review of Reverie, the first volume of Spencer and Ross’s run here, and my review of Let’s Have A Problem, the first volume in Kot and Walsh’s run here.


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