Blog Ahead 2015 Challenge

Blog Ahead 2015

I’ve signed up for the Blog Ahead in October 2015 Challenge hosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soup and Caffeinated Book Reviewer. The challenge is simple. Throughout October you need to increase the number of scheduled posts you have ready to publish by 31 and all posts should be scheduled from November 1st.

The post can be anything, a review, a meme like Top Ten Tuesday or Friday 56, a favourites post, a travel post – anything!

I’m definitely going to try and get 31 post scheduled. I know I have books and films to review and this is the perfect opportunity to get posts ready near Christmas because I love blogging but it’s nice to actually take Christmas as a holiday from all obligations.

The only previous blogging challenges I’ve taken part in is the April A-Z Blogging Challenge which I’ve completed for the past two years so I’m confident I should stick to this challenge.

Wish me luck and if there’s anything you might be interested in me writing about let me know!


  1. You’ve totally got this! There’s lots of great support and a cheer squad during the month which so helps keep the motivation up 🙂

    And yay on the A to Z challenge! I’ve done that for 4 years now and had a blast every time. Lotta work but so fun 🙂 Congrats on finishing it the last 2 years!

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