TOP TEN TUESDAY: Top Ten Books On My Autumn TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature run by BrokeAndBookish each week – I’m thinking I might not take part every week but just see if a week takes my fancy. This week is all about our Autumn TBR’s so here are the books I want to read before the end of the year. I have a few challenges to complete by the end of the year so some of these books will go towards them and I also want to read more books by women as I wanted to my reading to be a 50/50 split between male and female authors but at the moment I’ve read more books from male authors.

Anna and the Ffrench Kiss ElenaSquareEyesAnna and the French Kiss – Stephanie Perkins
This would fill the “contemporary romance” section of the Eclectic Reader challenge. I’m not a big fan of contemporary romance but I’ve heard nothing but good things about Anna and the French Kiss and I always like reading a fun, quick read in between more dense stuff.

Winter – Marissa MeyerWinter EleanSquareEyes
I’ve started The Lunar Chronicles series by taking part in the #TLCReadAlong and now I’m really looking forward to seeing how the series comes to an end. I still have Cress and Fairest to read but the excitement around Winter is definitely getting to me.

The Husbands Secret ElenaSquareEyesThe Husband’s Secret – Liane Moriarty
This would fill the “a familial relation” section of the What’s in a Name challenge. My mum actually bought this book for herself but it sounds intriguing and is a family drama which could turn into a bit of a thriller.

Night Owls – Jenn BennettNight Owls ElenaSquareEyes
I’m going to San Francisco at the weekend and I’m going to take this book with me since it’s set there. I’m not sure how much reading I’ll actually do, maybe I’ll only read on the plane but I thought it would be cool to read a book that’s set in the city I’ll be in.

In the Heart of the Sea ElenaSquareEyesIn the Heart of the Sea: The Epic True Story that Inspired ‘Moby Dick’ – Nathaniel Philbrick
This would fill the “a body of water” section of the What’s in a Name challenge. I received this as a part of the mini NinjaBookSwap so I’d love to read it this year, plus there’s the film adaptation coming out near Christmas and I’m definitely the kind of person who prefers to read the book before seeing the film.

Nimona – Noelle Stevensonnimona ElenaSquareEyes
I read a bit of Nimona when it was a web comic and I liked the art and the story but wasn’t really a fan of reading it online (I much prefer reading graphic novels and comics in physical form rather than online or on my ereader) so now it’s all printed I’m super exited to read the whole story.

The Murdstone Trilogy ElenaSquareEyesThe Murdstone Trilogy – Mal Peet
I just love the cover of this book and that’s the main reason why I picked it up. But it also sounds like a lot of fun as it’s about a writer who writes YA about “sensitive boys” and hates fantasy but he’s then told by he’s agent that he needs to write fantasy if he wants to make money. Luckily for him, he then meets a a strange creature from another realm and then by the sounds of things hijinks ensue.

Without a Trace – Lesley PearseWithout a Trace ElenaSquareEyes
This would fill the “PI Crime” section of the Eclectic Reader challenge. This is another one that my mum has bought recently but it sounds really interesting since it’s about a woman who is on the hunt for her best friends missing child in the Blitz-scarred East End.

A Hero at the End of the World ElenaSquareEyesA Hero at the End of the World – Erin Claiborne
I got this book on my kindle (along with a lot of other books) via Humble Bundle for $15 which works out to less than £10. A Hero at the End of the World is from an independent publisher that got started via Kickstarter. It’s a fantasy about what happens after the best friend of the destined hero defeats the bad guy instead, so kind of like if Ron had defeated Voldemort instead of Harry. I love that premise and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

Persepolis – Marjane SatrapiPersepolis ElenaSquareEyes
Persepolis is an autobiographical graphic novel about Satrapi’s childhood to early adult years in Iran during and after the Islamic revolution. I’ve never read anything about the Islamic revolution and seeing as it’s a graphic novel it might be more accessible. I’ve had this on my shelf for a while now and one of my friends is reading it at the moment and is really enjoying it and as we have similar tastes I now really want to get to it.

Have your read any of these books? What are you looking forward to reading before the end of the year?


  1. Nimona and Winter are on my list too. Both look great. Anna and the French Kiss along with her companions are amazing! I hope you enjoy the companion series! Stephanie Perkins is an amazing writing. Definitely check out her short stories as well.

  2. You have some great books on your list! Anna and the French Kiss is definitely on my TBR list (though not this week’s list). So is The Husband’s Secret (I found a hardcover copy at a thrift shop for $2.00 – i was thrilled!). Without A Trace looks really interesting – I may have to check that one out as well 🙂 My TTT

    1. Thanks! I hope I get to read them all before the end of the year. That’s a bargain for The Husband’s Secret! My mum’s already read it and Without A Trace and really liked both so I’m looking forward to them even more now 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’ve wanted to read more diversely in terms of genre and author this year and have been doing pretty well. I find if I read a lot of one genre I end up getting bored and not liking it much and then I miss out on good books.

  3. I really enjoyed Persepolis! I watched the movie for a class I took in college and then read the graphic novel afterward. I would definitely recommend it. Hope you enjoy it as well!

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