REVIEW: Evil Star by Anthony Horowitz

Evil Star ElenaSquareEyesMatt thought his troubles were over when he managed to close Raven’s Gate but really they were just beginning. When news of a second gate in Peru reaches him, Matt travels there with journalist Richard Cole but they are soon separated and Matt is in danger. On the streets of Lima, Matt meets Pedro, they don’t speak the same language but their fates are entwined as Pedro is special like Matt. Together they are Two of the Gatekeepers and they are stronger together than they are apart.

As this is a sequel, there may be some vague spoilers for the first book Raven’s Gate but I’ll try to keep them to a minimum.

In Evil Star Matt now knows who is and it makes him more likeable as even though he’s still a teenager who makes mistakes, he has become more resourceful and willing to believe in his role as a Gatekeeper. Matt still doesn’t have full control of his powers though so when he’s separated from Richard he really struggles until he meets Pedro.

Evil Star does a great job at introducing Pedro and showing his personality even though he doesn’t speak English. The language barrier only happens in the real world but Matt and Pedro can understand each other in their dreams. After talking in their dreams they have a quiet understanding with each other and you can see that Pedro is just as smart and as capable as Matt even though he’s only just discovered his destiny.

Evil Star shows more about the Old Ones and the story surrounding them and the Gatekeepers and how it is old civilizations like the Inca’s that remember and want to help stop the Old Ones coming back. Having this division between the old world and the modern world adds different meanings to the good guys and the bad guys. It’s big businesses that are funding projects to release the Old Ones and it’s men who are willing to fight with axes and bow and arrows who are the ones trying to save the world.

The final third of Evil Star is set in the Nazca Desert and the Nazca Lines feature heavily in the fate of the world. You meet new characters like Professor Chambers who is an expert on the Nazca Lines and doesn’t really believe Matt and Pedro to start with but soon changes her mind and shows what a badass she can be. The Nazca Lines are fascinating and creepy and the way in which the Old Ones want to use them is almost terrifying.

The showdown in the Nazca Desert is a highlight of Evil Star but the whole book expands the world and adds suspense and thrills. 4/5.


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