Happy Halloween!

Now I don’t know about you but I’ve never been one to really celebrate Halloween. Maybe it’s because I’m in the UK and when I was growing up we weren’t so into Halloween as the Americans are (and we’re still not to be honest) so I never did any trick or treating and I very rarely went to any Halloween parties.


Me as a zombie red shirt

Obviously when I was at University I went to a few because when you’re a student you’ll take any excuse to dress up. My favourite Halloween outfit when I was at Uni was when a friend had a Halloween/birthday party and the theme was dead fictional characters. There was Cruella De Vil, the Phantom of the Opera and many more I can’t remember. I went as a Red Shirt from Star Trek because it was an easy outfit and they always end up dead.

This year I’m going out for a friend’s birthday to a club in Trafalgar Square and we’re all dressing up. Because I left it a bit last minute, I’m going in a steampunk outfit and then do some cuts and bruises on my face and arms so it looks like I’ve been in a fight – I shall be a steampunk warrior!

Another friend had a steampunk birthday a few years ago so I’ve got pretty much everything I need.

487260_10151526525089314_1026806834_n + 11221279_10153730326889314_736297405067813849_n = Halloween costume 2015

Are you doing anything for Halloween this year? Are you going to dress up?


  1. Aaaaah, the zombie red shirt idea is fabulous! I might have to jack that idea for next year because it is hysterical! My boyfriend has always wanted to go as Riker for Halloween, so it’d be a great complement to his plans haha.

    This year, I was broke and lazy, so when our office celebrated Halloween yesterday, I wrote the word “book” on my face and went as Facebook. Then for tonight, I’m not dressing up at all because my friends and I are doing a fire pit night and temperatures are expected to be in the 40’s Fahrenheit tonight. Too cold for costumes.

    1. Thanks! I seem to be the queen of putting together last minute/easy costumes! Bought the shirt and a blaster, paired it with some black shorts and voila! That would be an amazing matching outfit!

      Haha! I love simple ideas like that! Oh gosh! That is cold (had to google the Fahrenheit to Celsius) we’re going to a club so will just have to worry about being cold on the night bus/taxi. I think it’s gonna be about 10 centigrade tonight which isn’t that bad for this time of year.
      Have fun at the fire pit! 😀

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