Why I Love… Elizabeth and Peter Burke

I’ve recently been catching up on the TV show White Collar. I’d only seen the first three seasons because after that it stopped showing it over here in the UK but now I have a gorgeous boxset of all six seasons and I’m catching up. Not only had I forgotten how much I loved this show but I had also forgotten what an awesome power couple Elizabeth and Peter Burke are. So I’m just going to take this moment to gush about why I love them so much.

White Collar - Season 6

Peter is a FBI Agent in the White Collar crime unit who’s partner Neal Caffery is an ex-con. He’s smart, resourceful and well respected. Elizabeth is an event planner who is supportive, smart and charming. They are the perfect team.

Peter trusts and respects Elizabeth so much that he often talks to her about the cases he and Neal work on. More than once Elizabeth has been the one to see what the FBI was missing or say something that sparks something in Peter or Neal.

Elizabeth is so good she’s been a part of one of Peter and Neal’s stings. In one episode Neal had to pretend to be her husband and she just rolled with it and she was one of Burke’s Seven in one of my favourite episodes.

One of the things I love most about Peter and Elizabeth’s relationship is how you can see that they are in love each other. It’s one of those cheesy things to say but Peter’s eyes light up when he’s around Elizabeth and they never go to bed on an argument. They are relationship goals purely because they are so good at talking to each other about what’s going on in their lives and working through any problems together. Communication is at the heart of a good and healthy relationship people!

They’re just such an awesome couple and I love them together. Sure, the show isn’t really about them so there isn’t huge drama between the two of them, but when it does show them together, it shows them as a loving couple who would do anything for each other.

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