REVIEW: Lumberjanes Vol. 1: Beware the Kitten Holy by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Shannon Watters and Brooke Allen

lumberjanes vol1 elenasquareeyesLumberjanes is about a group of girls spending their summer at a scout camp discover strange creatures and weird goings on in the woods around the camp.

Lumberjanes is a completely different comic to anything I’ve read so far. The protagonists are all young teenagers who are looking for adventure, there’s action and drama but there’s also an innocence to it all. Their friendship is amazing as well – more awesome lady friends please!

The art style is different to what I usually like to look at/read as well. It’s so bright and the characters are sometimes quite cartoonish – not that cartoonish is bad, it’s just normal that’s not an art style I’d like. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Lumberjanes but it’s taken me this long to read it because it’s so different to what my usual taste in comics is. I’m pleased I’ve now given it a go and found that it is just as fun as everyone has said it is.

I love the way the characters are all different and you can see their personalities through just four issues. Jo is the calmer one of the group, April looks small and weak but is super strong (and references Kelis’ Milkshake which I love), Molly often thinks she isn’t good enough compared to the rest of the girls, Mal is the more cautious one and Ripley is like the baby of the group. And then there’s the girls camp counsellor Jen – I love Jen! She wants to follow the rules and keep the girls safe but she’s so long suffering it’s kinda wonderful.

While a lot of stuff happened in this volume and set up the characters well, it did leave me wanting something more. I’m not sure if it’s because I liked it so much and I just wanted to continue with the story or if I expected something different to happen.

Lumberjanes is really sweet and fun and I can’t wait to read the next volume. 4/5.


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