Thoughts on… Binge Reading a Book Series

A few months ago in September I started rereading The Power of Five series by Anthony Horowitz for the ReReadathon 2.0. The main reason I wanted to reread that series was because I had never read the fifth and final book in the series and really wanted to see how it all ends.

I was doing well, I read and reviewed three out of five books but when I got to the fourth book I struggled to get more than 70 pages into it. I had got bored of the series. I was disappointed in this but I’m not surprised.

I have big problems with binge reading series’. It has happened to me before, I read three or four books and then I just can’t seem to continue. The story and the characters just seem too much the same and no matter how much I’m enjoying what’s happening I just get a bit apathetic towards it.

I’ve found that if I want to read a series, it is best if I space them out a bit. I’ve been taking part in The Lunar Chronicles (Re)Readalong so I’ve been reading (for the first time) one book in the series a month and I read completely different books in-between. This has worked out really well for me. I can enjoy each book but don’t get bored because I’m not in the same world for a long period of time.

I’ve left it a little while so that I can go back to the fourth book in The Power of Five series with the story still pretty fresh in my mind but I’ve had enough of a break and read other things in the meantime that it should be OK. I’ve got a few other books that I really want to read before the year is out so maybe I’ll try book four in January.

Does anyone else have problems with binge reading book series? I know it’s a big thing in the world of book blogging and booktube but it’s something I’ve found I just can’t do without getting bored of a series that I’d usually have no problem loving.

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