TRAILER REACTION: Captain America: Civil War

civil war poster elenasquareeyesIt’s been ages since I’ve done a trailer reaction – probably since the last Marvel trailer came out to be honest – but when I watched the first Civil War trailer, it got me so excited for the film that I had to just word vomit my thoughts.

I shall preface this by saying when it was first announced that the next Captain America film would be about Civil War I wasn’t that happy/a bit apprehensive because I’ve read the comic of Civil War and that as much more far-reaching than a Marvel Cinematic Universe film could be because it has all the superheroes, not just the ones that Marvel/Disney own. Also the shift to Tony Stark siding with the government after all his mistrust of SHIELD and authority in general seemed a bit strange to me plus I didn’t necessarily want Iron Man taking over a film that’s supposed to be Captain America’s.

But! After watching the first trailer I have to say pretty much all my fears have been put to rest and I’m now loving the look of this film and I can’t wait till May.

Captain America: Civil War looks like a deeply personal film for Steve Rogers as really all he cares about is his best friend Bucky and wanting to protect him now that Bucky is starting to remember who he really is. Captain America: Civil War still has the feel of The Winter Solider, it still feels like a political thriller but with superheroes and this great friendship at the heart of it. It feels gritty and real without being too depressing and the final wide-shot of Bucky and Cap beating the hell out of Iron Man was both an incredibly shot and actually kinda sad – things I didn’t think I’d get from watching this trailer, feeling sorry for Tony Stark.

Speaking of Tony Stark, his involvement with the government and wanting to register superheroes makes a bit more sense after Age of Ultron. His (and to a lesser extent Bruce Banner’s) actions that were uncontrolled by any committee led to Ultron being created, a lot of people dying and a country destroyed. You can see how he might want to atone for his mistakes and make sure nothing like Ultron can happen again.

The action and fight scenes look great, the Russo’s did such a great job on The Winter Soldier with the fights and they look even better here. I love that The Incredible Hulk is going to come into play with Colonel Ross getting involved and being the one to tell Steve and co that superheroes need to register. I like how there’s still the registration act happening but at its core seems to be Bucky and Steve wanting to protect his best friend. It makes a big sprawling story easier to handle in one two and half hour film.

There’s tonnes of things I’d love to happen in Captain America: Civil War but I know there’s going to be a lot happening in the film so some characters will lose out. That being said, here’s a few things I’d love to see: Black Widow and Hawkeye’s friendship explored more, because it does look like they’ll be on opposite sides and that’ll be tough. Speaking of Hawkeye, I want to see him and Scarlet Witch interact. I loved his pep talk to her in Age of Ultron and the way they fought together and I could totally see him either becoming a sort of mentor figure to her or they would have a bit of a rocky relationship since her brother died saving Hawkeye. And last but not least – Black Panther! The guy is one of my favourite Marvel characters and I already love the look of him in the trailer. I hope he tries to be impartial and tries to do the best for Wakanda and is just a plain badass – that shot where he kicks Bucky in the face gives me life!

I can’t wait to show this trailer to my mum because she’s the biggest Bucky fan ever and Captain America is her second favourite Avenger after Thor.

I am so excited to see Captain America: Civil War now and I love that there’s still a million characters like Vision, Spider-Man, Baron Zemo, Sharon Carter and Ant-Man that we still haven’t seen. Captain America: Civil War is definitely my most anticipated film of 2016 and Mmay can’t come fast enough. Between now and then I’ll do my best to avoid spoilers and then all the trailers and TV Spots that come out the month before it’s released because I really do want to go into this film knowing as little as possible.

What are your thoughts on the first Captain America: Civil War trailer? Has it got you excited?


  1. One of the things I liked best about the Civil War comic was there wasn’t really a villain and it was a conflict of ideologies. When news for the movie started coming out, I was afraid that part of the story would be lost, especially since Crossbones and Baron Zemo are playing a part. This trailer did help a little to dissipate those fears but I’m still holding some reservations. In any case, I am really excited for this film! The fight scene with Iron Man vs Cap and Bucky was amazing!

    1. Exactly! I hope it shows that both Tony and Steve are right in some ways or at least that they wholeheartedly believe they are right. That being said, it is a Captain America movie so it’ll have more of a focus on Steve and probably end up showing that his side is more in the right than Tony’s – does that make sense?
      There are loads of characters in this thing so it’s always a bit of a worry that someone’s plot line or characterization will be lost but I’m hopefully optimistic.

      1. That makes sense. Both sides have valid arguments so it would benefit from showing both sides, even it is a Captain America movie.
        I share that worry too. But like you said about it being a Captain America movie, most of the focus will probably be on him and Bucky and Falcon and the others will be supporting characters. I just can’t wait to see Black Panther in action!

    1. Yes same! No doubt it’ll be more biased towards Cap since it is a Captain America movie but as long as it shows both sides and how they are both right (and wrong) I’ll be happy.

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