Thoughts on… Winter

I am not a huge fan of winter and autumn to be honest. I just don’t like it being so dark and wet and windy and cold. We hardly ever get snow in winter or at Christmas, sometimes we get it in like February but we never have a white fluffy Christmas is always grey and miserable.

I hate commuting during winter because I leave the house and it’s dark and by the time I leave the office it’s pitch black already so by time I get home two and a half hours later it’s so dark I just want to get into bed.

I don’t think I have SAD the seasonal affective disorder where you get sad or even depressed at certain times of the year but I do feel a bit like that when the clocks go back. All I want to do as soon as it gets a bit grey outside is put on my pyjamas and hibernate. It’s such an effort for me to go out when it’s dark at like 5 o’clock even when it’s a friends birthday or my friends have got plans I really have to force myself to leave the house and make the effort because it feels so much easier to just stay indoors.

It’s not as if I’m a huge summer fan. I don’t sunbathing, I’m really don’t like being out in the sun at all because I burn so easily and I just get bored lying in the sun. But I like the fact that it’s so light a lot of the time. I liked that the days seem longer and you can do more things. As soon as it gets dark at four or five o’clock I just want to stop working and go to bed which obviously doesn’t make winter that productive for me.

Winter is a funny old thing it’s nice being cosy with the jumpers, the layers of clothes and blankets and the heating or turn on but the fact it gets so dark just makes me feel a bit down. Oh well! Only got another three months until the clocks go forward again and the days seem longer!

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