My Top Ten Favourite Films of 2015

It’s the end of the year so that means it’s time for best-of lists! So if you haven’t spotted my top ten list on HeyUGuys Movie Bloggers Top Ten – a list you should check out because it’s interesting to see what a load of different bloggers love – here is my top ten and my thoughts on each film. Now please note, all of these are UK cinema releases because as you’ll notice, one of these films came out two years ago in America.

10. Dope
I watched Dope on a plane and it was great. It made me laugh and think and I really enjoyed all the characters and their chemistry. It’s a small film that definitely deserves a lot of love.

9. Spy
Spy is a film I missed at the cinema but then I caught it on a plane and I wish I’d seen it at the cinema! It was surprising, funny and often kind of ridiculous but it really was so much fun. Jason Statham neds to do more comedy films.

8. Straight Outta Compton
I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed Straight Outta Compton. It was about a time in recent history and a band that I knew next to nothing about but I couldn’t help but get pulled into the story and I found myself caring about these people.

7. Ant-Man
Who would’ve thought that the Marvel film on my top ten list would be Ant-Man and not Avengers: Age of Ultron? Not me! I was really anti-Ant-Man a year ago, mainly because of my dislike of Hank Pym from the comics, so I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed Ant-Man. The cast had great chemistry, Michael Pena stole every scene he was in, and it was about a heist and I love heist movies! Ant-Man really was a pleasant surprise.

6. Selma
Selma is an important and powerful film. It blends a true-story with great but often understated performances. I wish Selma got more love during awards season but I am glad that so many people loved and appreciated it.

5. Enemy
Enemy is an incredibly odd film that is pretty hard to explain. It’s unsettling and weird and Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance(s) are incredible! It is one of those films that I kept thinking about days after seeing it – especially that closing shot.

4. Dear White People
Dear White People is funny and thought-provoking. It’s smart, the characters are well-rounded and interesting and it’s a lot of fun. I had to go out of my way to find a cinema showing Dear White People as it really wasn’t around that long but I’m really glad I did.

3. Mad Max: Fury Road
This film is completely insane but in an amazing way! Mad Max: Fury Road was like nothing else I watched this year. The post-apocalyptic world was bright and vibrant and the practical effects and stunts were breath-taking. And Mad Max: Fury Road gave us Furiosa – a wonderful badass new character – so it gets brownie points for that as well.

2. Fast & Furious 7
I have a soft spot for this franchise because it is just so much fun and a big part of it is the found-family trope which is my favourite trope in fiction. Fast & Furious 7 gave me a lot of feels because I love the characters and of course because of Paul Walker’s death and the way it gave Paul Walker and his character Brian a good send-off.

1. The Martian
I loved this film a ridiculous amount. It was one of the few times this year that I experienced pure joy in the cinema. I loved everything about The Martian, I loved the cast, the characters, the humour and the soundtrack – when ABBA’s Waterloo played I was ridiculously happy! I had high hopes for the film because I’d read and loved the book but I was also a bit nervous because I loved the book so much but I was so happy with it and it’s definitely one of the best book-to-film adaptations I’ve ever seen.

So that’s my ten favourite films of 2015 – what were yours?


  1. I’ve been to the cinema very few times this year, but I did see Spy and was surprised by just how funny it was. Particularly all the bits with Jason Statham in, who is a covert comedy genius!
    I enjoyed The Martian very much. I thought Matt Damon was a spot-on bit of casting. I still prefer the book, but it’s one of the best film adaptations I’ve seen in a long time 🙂

    1. I was surprised by Spy too – it really was a lot of fun and I liked how it played with the usual spy-tropes.
      I agree the books still best (as usual) but the film was just wonderful. I can’t remember the last time I saw such a great adaptation 😀

  2. I loved The Martian, one of my favorite book to movie adaptations. I also liked Ant-Man quite a bit more than I expected to. Of course, I really didn’t know much about the comics. Michael Pena was good in both of these movies! 🙂

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