TOP TEN TUESDAY: Top Ten Goals I Have For 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature run by BrokeAndBookish each week – I’m thinking I might not take part every week but just see if a week takes my fancy. It’s the start of a new year! How 2015 has flown by! Now I’m not always the greatest at making and sticking with my resolutions, I think I managed to keep half of my resolutions last year, so let’s see what happens in 2016.

Continue to post at least once a week.
This year I’ve been doing really well with my blog and have posted at least once every week and, when it comes to what I’m posting, that leads me on to my next resolution…

Post at least one review a week.
Now I have been doing this and generally I’ve set it up that on Monday’s there’s a film review and on Thursday’s there’s a book review. If I read/watch a lot there’s sometimes extra reviews not on those dates but I’d like to try and stick to that schedule as long as I’m still reading and watching stuff that I have enough feelings about that I then want to review it.

Continue to read diversely.
In 2015 I did pretty well in reading a whole range of genres and the the authors I read was pretty much a 50/50 split between men and women, with slightly more female author. I’d like to continue doing that and make a conscious effort to read books from authors of colour. You can check out a summary of my reading in 2015 here.

I’d like a job I really enjoy.
I’ve been unemployed since September and while if I’m honest I haven’t been job hunting that hard (I needed the break having always been in education or working since I was 5) now I’ve had my rest I want to (and need to really before I become a complete couch potato) find a job related to Film that I really love and can progress in.

Get my TBR down to 50 books.
I’ve currently got over 80 unread books on my shelves and I really need to get that down. I don’t have a huge book buying problem (I go through phases of buying a lot and then none at all) and I know 80 is not that bad compared to some people but it’s a lot for me. Also I think I need to be honest with myself and if there’s books that have been on my shelves for years and I’m no longer interested in them, I should give them to charity or something. If you’re interested, I’m putting together my TBR and it’ll be on my blog soon.

Read three classics.
Another reading goal I have is to read more classics, three to be precise! I have a dozen classic books that have been on my shelves for years and it’s about time I got round to reading some of them.

Get my unwatched DVD’s and Blu-Rays down.
I definitely have a DVD buying problem, in fact I have over 60 unwatched films on my shelves. When I was at Uni I went through a stage where I could only buy more films once I’d watched 10 from my collection – it did a pretty good job at getting my unwatched films down so I’m thinking of taking that scheme up again. If you’re interested, I’ve put together a list of all my unwatched films here.

Take part in the A-Z in April blogging challenge.
I’ve taken part and completed the A-Z in April blogging challenge for the past two years and would love to do it for a third time.

Go to Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida
Throughout December, me and a friend have been looking at costs of flights, accommodation and tickets to see if a week in Florida being big kids is feasible. It’s looking like it is so the next step is to put down the £300 deposit and then start saving and planning for our trip. Once the deposit is down it will feel like it is real and will really happen instead of being this vague idea which it has been for the past four months.

Move out.
If I am working in London I really need to be living there, or at least closer than the 5 hour round trip I was commuting when I last had a job up there. While the commute was great for my reading (I read like two books a week on the train) it wasn’t so good for my physical and mental health and there was problems when I needed to be at the office earlier or stay later because my trains are awkward. This one does depend on a whole lot of things, my hypothetical job, what I’d be earning and what friends or acquaintances are looking for a roommate but let’s see if it’ll happen.


  1. Good luck with the job hunting and your other goals this year. I’ve been sitting on my bum for the last few months too, though I use the lack of response from HCPC as an excuse XD I feel like I should go and volunteer or find a part-time job. What sort of job related to Film are you looking for? 🙂
    Wow, 80 is a lot! Hope you manage to trim it down, as well as your DVDS 🙂

    1. Thank you!
      Haha! Yeah its nice to blame paperwork, or lack thereof, for laziness 😛 Yeah part of me is thinking I could get a part-time job as a driver for the local takeaway or something, just so it’s an income and keeps me busy until I find a “proper job”. I worked at a Film PR agency before so something PR/Marketing related would be good but I’m also starting to look at TV and production jobs. W e shall see what happens!
      I know! I really didn’t think it was that many! Some of them have easily been on my shelves for five years so I do need to be harsh about it. Thanks, as long as I end 2016 with less books and DVD’s than I started with I’ll be pretty happy 🙂

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